Skippered Catamaran Hire

The BlueNauta catamaran fleet. Solid, secure and luxurious Lagoon vessels: the best for those looking to enjoy the sea. Discover our range of catamarans.

Lagoon 380

The “baby” of the Lagoon brand is certainly not without its comforts and luxuries: in fact, it has two bathrooms with a shower, a comfortable kitchen in the cockpit of the living space, a generator, air conditioning unit, washing machine and desalination unit.
metres 11.55   Max n° of people 8   From € 3.500,00   

Lagoon 400 S2

4 double cabins fitted with ensuite bathrooms with a shower, 2 additional beds in the dinette and 2 single berths for the crew make this catamaran particularly versatile and able to satisfy any requirement. In fact, it can host 8-10 people, plus the skipper and a steward.
metres 12   Max n° of people 10   From € 3.900,00   

Lagoon 40

The Lagoon 400 catamaran is perfect for a cruise and can guarantee maximum comfort while maintaining great agility in its manoeuvres. Spacious and luxurious with curved lines, the interiors are furnished with quality wood.
metres 11.74   Max n° of people 10   From € 3.700,00   

Lagoon 42

The version available for hire comfortably hosts 8 people in 4 large luxurious double cabins with 4 ensuite bathrooms. The attention to detail and precise organisation of the different areas of the catamaran make it a vessel worthy of great luxury yachts.
metres 12.67   Max n° of people 10   From € 4.200,00   

Lagoon 450

A sailing icon, this 45-foot vessel has four double cabins, each with a private bathroom and shower, and one single cabin for the skipper. The interiors of the vessel are worthy of a luxury hotel. The sailing is stable and comfortable.
metres 13.96   Max n° of people 10   From € 5.000,00   

Dreaming of a sailboat holiday but worrying about narrow spaces, continuous rocking and little comfort? Then choose a catamaran.

Catamarans are vessels dedicated to those looking for a true holiday at sea without compromising on comfort, relaxation or even a little luxury.

Thanks to its double hull, the catamaran offers extremely high sailing stability compared to a traditional monohull sailboat. Thanks to BlueNauta, you can charter large catamarans where the lean of the boat during sailing is practically absent.

With BlueNauta you need only pack your bags and leave for your catamaran holiday.

Plenty of space on board: cabins and double suites with private bathrooms with a separate shower, living spaces with airy relaxation areas, kitchens complete with appliances, comfortable and spacious dining areas, fascinating sun decks at the prow and stern cockpits similar to terraces giving onto the sea. This is the life that’s waiting for you on a BlueNauta catamaran.
Unbeatable stability: for competitors, cutting through the sea on a sailboat tilted by the wind is undoubtedly exciting. But when you’re on holiday or crossing long distances, the ideal is to travel level, without suffering from dizziness, looking for a handhold at every movement and everything toppling over when the boat swerves.
This is why a BlueNauta catamaran holiday is perfect for you and your children: our stable sailing makes sure your little ones enjoy themselves in complete safety.
Safe sailing: the BlueNauta catamarans have been built by the best shipyards in the world, skilfully designed and provided with all the latest generation safety equipment.
Enjoy luxury: we have different kinds of vessels to satisfy any request in terms of number of on-board guests and comforts.
All the interiors of the BlueNauta catamarans have been created by the world’s best nautical design firms, with equipment ranging from independent air conditioning, an oven, washing machine, microwave oven, freezer, espresso maker, plasma TV in the dinette or in the cabins.

The prices for hiring one of our catamaran models are shown on the related page on our website.
The rates vary based on the size of the vessel, its additional on-board comforts, and the season. Catamarans can host from 8 to 10 people and weekly prices range from €3,500 to €22,000.

The rate includes hire of a fully equipped catamaran with all safety systems and insurance.
The skipper, fuel, pantry, port fees and final cleaning costs are not included in the rate.
The skipper’s rates are around €150-€300 per day. Fuel generally does not make up a large part of the holiday cost since you will be mostly sailing, and in any case is related to the distance travelled.

No, the BlueNauta catamaran charter does not offer cabin packages. The rate refers to hiring the entire boat.

No, it’s not necessary. The skipper has a licence and the necessary training to steer a pleasure boat.

It’s not necessary to take out personal insurance. The rates include insurance.

Given the extensive possibilities for personalising your holiday, we advise that you contact us using the forms on our site, specifying the catamaran model you wish to hire, the number of people and the destination.
If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re certain that we’ll be able to offer you the best package for your requirements.

For catamaran charter, BlueNauta requests the payment of a deposit, which can be paid via bank transfer.